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Hosted Communication: Your Business Needs Hosted PBX Or Not!!

With cloud technologies, businesses are operating in a different way. One of the newest spin-offs of cloud technology is hosted PBX. Small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises can now adopt sophisticated phone systems without having to spend a lot of money on them.

Hosted PBX: Introduction

Hosted PBX: Introduction

You should consider hosted PBX providers & alternatives if you need a new phone system or want to upgrade an existing one. Hosting PBX systems don’t require that you invest in expensive equipment and hardware, since they require only that you be connected to an IP network.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX technology is a cheap cloud hosting server that provides the following main advantages:

Exceptional Scalability 

Exceptional Scalability 

Five or ten years in the future, how do you see your company? The future is difficult to predict for most businesses, as they change and grow over time. When you don’t know where your business will end up, why commit to a PBX system you may need less or more of as time goes on? A hosted PBX system allows you to scale up or down your telephony services as your business needs change.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about capital costs or equipment updates when opening a new location or when you get flooded with orders during the holidays. Suppose you need to lower costs during a rough period? Getting a better fit for your budget is just as simple as cutting back on hosted PBX services. The hosted PBX providers offer an easy-to-install, flexible and future-proof phone system that will suit your company’s needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Business Continuity

In the middle of the weekend, your office building’s sprinkler system malfunctioned, which caused a flood that knocked out your power. Can you tell me how you will handle sales and customer service calls on Monday morning? Having a hosted PBX will allow you to take calls without interruptions. So you won’t have to worry about phones going down, we host your PBX in a redundant, secure data center. You’ll be able to continue doing business as usual. 

Your hosted PBX provider will provide you with a web-based portal that allows you to configure your contingency rules or to swiftly forward incoming calls to mobile devices or unaffected locations. Hosted PBX solutions will not be able to solve all issues, but they can help prevent bad situations from worsening.

Low Cost of Ownership 

Low Cost of Ownership 

By switching from a traditional PBX system to a hosted PBX, you can start saving money almost immediately. Unlike traditional phone systems, PBXs require only handsets, so switching to one eliminates those costs. The long run savings can be obtained by eliminating traditional phone lines and costs in favor of a hosted PBX.

Easy Business Conduct 

Business today occurs whenever and wherever employees are–in a conference room at your branch location, at an airport en route to a meeting, or even at home. Through hosted PBX, employees are able to communicate with coworkers and customers from anywhere and on any phone. Hosted PBX provides your employees with the ability to portray the correct image for your company no matter where they are.

If your business is hosted, you and your staff do not have to worry about missing critical calls or changing numbers all the time.

Streamline IT Resources

The hosted PBX software enables you to add new extensions or make other adjustments without going to the phone closet. Hosting PBX systems eliminates the need for hours of training and involving IT personnel to make minor adjustments, unlike traditional telecommunication systems. Users can manage a variety of personal phone features from the comfort of their own computer, including forwarding calls to a mobile phone number or changing voicemail passwords. Admins can easily make changes to the phone setting for the whole company.

 Increased Security

 Increased Security

It is a concern for companies when their sensitive customer information is compromised. By using a hosted PBX provider, you can encrypt data while making calls, ensuring that your discussions remain private and secure.

Disaster Recovery & No Downtime

Hosted PBX can be tailored to the needs of any organization, with the option of many different regional data centers. If the lines to your location are severed, customers can still reach your IVR, and workers can still access calls routed to cell phones. Downtime is not an issue.

Which Service or Equipment Can Be Used ?

Voice-Over-IP Use

Mobile Phones Use

Using Hosted Virtual PBX Services, companies with mobile employees can receive their cell phone calls on their mobile devices, as well as send voicemails and transfer calls to other extensions.

Voice-Over-IP Use

Hosted PBX services and Hosted VoIP services sometimes work together. As a result, you will not need a phone line with a local telephone carrier for making or receiving calls.

Keep the Existing Telephones Lines

Hosted PBX services can be redirected to existing telephone lines, so existing telephone lines can be kept active. However, this may not be practical since one must also pay for the telephone lines in addition to the hosted PBX software.

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