Cheap Cloud Hosting Services

Cheap Cloud Hosting Services: Top 13

Although cloud computing is quite the rage these days, you may be surprised to learn that the best cheap cloud hosting plans still offer a variety of features that are reasonably priced.

Although it is possible to save money on items such as clothing and groceries, it is often more difficult to save money on technology. In order to keep up with demand, the price tag of something that is popular and fashionable tends to rise. Over the past six years, IT spending per capita has increased at nearly six times the rate of cloud services.

Cloud hosting is also available in a variety of configurations and functionalities so that any level of user can benefit from it. Listed below, you’ll find the best affordable & cheap cloud hosting companies, ranging from radical discounts to outstanding value for money.

Best Cheap Cloud Web Hosting

Best Cheap Cloud Web Hosting

Shared hosting providers usually offer a surprisingly modest package of features for the low cost, but the infrastructure is often inadequate, there is no support, and privacy scams are common. Hosting providers that deliver value, however, often provide a substantial range of features at an extremely low cost.

A cloud hosting platform, on the other hand, makes it possible for customers to find cost-effective services while still receiving high-quality services. Hosting providers can offer shared hosting for less than $10 and cloud server hosting without the hassle of managing and administrating cloud servers. We will list the best cheap cloud hosting solutions here, from supercharged shared hosting to unmanaged objects.

Top Cheap Cloud Hosting Services 

Top Cheap Cloud Hosting Services 

Here is a list of the best and cheap cloud hosting providers & services below. Read through the list carefully & make the perfect choice as per your requirements & budget. 

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

With InMotion Hosting, the whole VPS suite is stored on a cloud-based infrastructure, allowing it to stay competitive and affordable while offering high-performance hardware. Since Unmanaged Cloud gives developers and system administrators the most flexibility, we’re focusing on InMotion. Managed Cloud offerings are also included here. It is one of the cheapest cloud storage options available in the market.

Cloud VPS from InMotion maximizes performance and uptime by promoting high availability irrespective of service levels. With free backups, a top-notch resource-monitoring dashboard and real-time server snapshots, you’re protected from DDoS attacks and have nothing to worry about. It would be great if you could provide a minimum of three dedicated IP addresses.

Additional Features: 
  • Ranked Number 1 in terms of Cloud VPS Hosting.
  • Solid-state drives with storage up to 8GB of RAM.
  • Free Linux OS control panel.
  • Availability of managed servers & full root access.
  • High-security protection from DDoS attacks.
  • Free scheduled & live state snapshots.



HostGator continued its rollout of cloud hosting platforms with absurdly large computing capacity in 2016. Customers will receive a minimum of two CPU cores & 2GB of RAM, as well as bandwidth, unlimited & cheap cloud storage, subdomains & email.

HostGator does not offer solid-state disks, another popular feature in website hosting, but the low-density servers and local caching through Varnish ensure that your site loads quickly. Along with 24-hour monitoring, HostGator makes three mirrored copies of cloud clients’ data to ensure that their websites are always available.

Additional Features: 
  • 2 times faster & 4 times the computing resources.
  • Massive storage with cloud scalability.
  • Low-density servers along with multi-caching layers.
  • MySQL databases & unlimited domains.
  • Upgrades on hand for backups, security, domain privacy, productivity, etc.



InterServer’s cloud settings are highly configurable, enabling extremely high levels of scale and personalization. Each slice includes one CPU core, 30 GB of SSD storage, 2048 MB of memory, & 1 TB of data transfer; once your website or application needs four or more slices, the company will provide you with managed support for patching, diagnosing, and accessing the control panel.

For those looking for affordable cloud hosting, the unique promo code at checkout will make your first month just $0.01. In the following months, cloud hosting renews at the full, though still inexpensive, price, but we admire InterServer for sticking to its month-to-month agreement, so you’re not locked into a long-term commitment.

Additional Features: 
  • Choose Windows or Linux cloud hosting.
  • Up to 16 TB data transfer available along with 16 cores.
  • Tons of cloud storage & effective RAM present.
  • Free of cost, different OS options & control panel.

A2 Hosting

Cloud hosting has never been easier than it is with A2 Hosting’s lightning-fast VPS platform, which prioritizes speed above all else. Even though the amount of storage is smaller than those offered by many competitors, the company compensates by using fast, high-performance SSDs. These drives load pages 3 times faster than standard drives. The enhanced Turbo Servers offered by A2 Hosting will further enhance your visitors’ experience with up to 25 times faster page loading.

A2 Hosting, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers more than flash and speed; the company also offers server control & root access, as well as the usual 99.9% uptime guarantee. Using one of six Linux operating systems is typical, or choosing preconfigured cloud settings is an option.

Additional Features: 
  • Free SSDs with SwiftServer platform.
  • Servers can be configured in minutes with Quick Start Cloud.
  • On-demand & root access server controls
  • Add speed and security to your web applications with Cloudflare.
  • CPanel & Softaculous upgrades are available.



Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure offer clients the ability to pay only for what they use on an hourly basis, similar to what is offered by Hostwinds. Using flexible and adaptable cloud infrastructure, you can scale to meet any traffic needs you face.

Hostwinds’ easy-to-use pre-built templates make it easy for customers to configure the bandwidth, storage, and memory resources they need. Each cloud server in the company is provided with 1Gbps port speeds owing to the company’s automated route optimization, and scaling takes place rapidly and without interruption. Despite these complicated terms, Hostwinds also provides a variety of backup and cheap cloud storage solutions.

Additional Features:
  • Choose the application & Operating System configuration.
  • Monthly & hourly billing for convenience.
  • CPanel, backups, optional upgrades & more.
  • Managed services, HDDs & SSDs are available.
  • Block & object storage along with an enterprise firewall.

Liquid Web

There can be no doubt that Liquid Web delivers the best deal when it comes to cheap cloud hosting. In preference to shared hosting, the high-end hosting provider uses cloud, virtual private server, and dedicated servers.

Cloud hosting customers gain access to huge amounts of virtualized CPU time, storage space, bandwidth, and memory. In addition, Liquid Web’s customer support team is well-known for being available even during off-peak hours; it guarantees that you’ll be able to reach a systems administrator in under 60 seconds.

Additional Features: 
  • 50% discount on the first month of HostingAdvice.
  • DDoS protection, Cloudflare CDN, & backups.
  • Cloud flexibility & Performance-boosting SSDs.
  • High reliability & 100% Uptime guarantee.
  • Call, chat & email support services available 24×7.



Hosting with Bluehost combines incredible computing power, easy provisioning, and excellent customer service & is one of the best cloud hosting services around. Even though the amount of storage is less than that offered by other competitors in this category, the solid-state drives ensure that files, websites, and apps load quickly and efficiently.

There was ample RAM and bandwidth offered by BlueHost, and OpenStack and KVM ensured the best possible running of your virtual environment. However, your VPS will be just as stable, scalable, and fast as you’ve come to expect regardless of how the company advertises its cloud architecture.

Additional Features: 
  • Guaranteed resources & Instant provisioning.
  • High-quality hardware powered by KVM & OpenStack.
  • Available options for two to four CPU cores along with expandable 8 GB of RAM.
  • Scale resources & manage quickly. 
  • Availability of dedicated IP & domain privacy.


In the past four years, Vultr has provided more than 20,000,000 cloud server instances. Developers and businesses are clearly drawn to the company’s objective of simplifying cloud infrastructure, which is reflected in its global customer base, which now exceeds 100,000. With 16 data centers, Vultr offers users public cloud, storage, and bare metal servers for single-tenant deployments.

Vultr charges through a monthly or hourly subscription, allowing developers to create environments that fit the exact needs of their applications or websites without long-term contracts. Intel cores, infinite operating system options, and a feature-rich control interface will appeal to administrators looking for a fast, inexpensive, and efficient cloud service.

Additional Features: 
  • Powerful Backups
  • Good-quality Snapshot system.
  • Web-based firewall solutions.
  • Flexible Networking 
  • DDoS Protection



iPage offers cloud-based VPS options that follow the same emphasis on price and customer service. Despite iPage’s pre-installed scripts, free domain name, and managed support, experienced designers and site managers may miss out on some aspects of control and customization.

Users who want complete control of their environments can utilize root access, but those just getting started with cloud VPS hosting will appreciate the quick provisioning and seamless migration that comes with the this cheap hosting service.

Additional Features: 
  • Unlimited databases, domains, & FTP accounts.
  • Instant deployment & Custom configurations.
  • Guaranteed memory & High-speed SAN storage.
  • 4TB of bandwidth along with 8GB of RAM.
  • Seamless migration available via CPanel.


The AccuWebHosting cloud-based infrastructure gives clients a far more simplified introduction to the cloud, taking away many of the problems associated with shared hosting such as stability and security. Further, cloud hosting customers can rely on the redundancy of the network to guarantee 100 percent uptime, a significantly higher rate than what you’d expect from a typical sharing host.

AccuWebHosting offers cheap cloud hosting for Windows users who write ASP.NET, VisualBasic, or C++ code. Clients can begin with cloud-based shared hosting, then move to comparable Windows or Linux VPS plans with ease.

Additional Features: 
  • Pure SSD Drives & fast websites.
  • CPanel options, PHP7 support & HTTP/2 support.
  • WP Optimized & Highly Secured.
  • Free of cost WordPress Hosting.
  • Customized domain names.
  • Multiple Layer Security DDos Protection.
  • Backups available. 
  • Additional superpower of Redis.



A leader in virtualized environments and innovation, Linode was one of the first providers of cloud hosting in 2003. With SSDs, Intel E5 processors, and a 40Gbps network, you’ll be able to run your website or application like a pro.

Users can quickly start, install, resize, & clone cloud work environments via the management interface, but load balancing, backups, system metrics, managed services, etc. will require upgrades. Their 9 data centers present across three continents are less in the widespread competition around the world but their modern features outclass the other cheap cloud hosting services. 

Additional Features:
  • Easy deployment & program control of the infrastructure. 
  • Command line access to the servers. 
  • Cloud Manager interface. 
  • Shared Virtual Machines with Balanced Performance & Power.


DigitalOcean is a reputed, trusted, reliable & cheap cloud hosting provider that came in 2011. While the company focuses on simplicity, it does not compromise on technical features for cloud computing, Kubernetes cluster management, block & object storage, & load balancing.

Innovative companies like Slack, Docker, GitLab, WeWork, trust Digital Ocean, etc. to secure & host their apps. DigitalOcean’s basic cloud instances begin with 25 GB of Solid State Drive storage, 1 GB of memory, & 1 TB of data transfer but CPU optimized video encoding configurations, machine learning, advertisement serving, & resource-intense operations offer customers 4 times more RAM & bandwidth.

Additional Features: 
  • Build & deploy 3 free static sites.
  • Free floating IPs.
  • Free container registry with 500 MB storage, 1 repository, & 500 MB outbound transfer.
  • Bandwidth pricing, free outbound data transfer with 1000 GB/month.
  • Free cloud firewalls.
  • Free DNS management.
  • VPCs transfer is free.

Cloud Sigma

Cloud Sigma

Our list of the best cheap cloud hosting providers of 2021 finishes with CloudSigma, a Swiss firm with a global presence. Using the company’s transparent coding approach, customers can create and expand environments based on their specific needs rather than relying on prepackaged packages.

The CloudSigma platform provides completely unbundled computing options as well as pre-built, optimized setups. CloudSigma provides 50 GB of SSD storage, 1 GB of RAM, & 5 TB of outbound data transmission for free to customers who spend at least $10 per month with the company.

Additional Features: 
  • Full SSD Solution.
  • Full Control via API & Web Console.
  • Automatic Redundancy. 
  • Persistent Servers & Storage.
  • Guaranteed CPU, RAM & Storage Allocation.
  • Fully Independent Scalable Resources.

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Final Say!!

In recent years, cloud services have become increasingly popular, reducing the challenges. Small businesses and individuals without much experience with tech are finding that the platform is valuable for their growth plans. Migrate to the cloud and save yourself time, money, and resources. We hope you admire our efforts to compile up this article on the cheap cloud hosting services. For any more queries, you can always keep us up on your services list.