Best Cloud Hosting Option To Enhance Your Business Productivity 

Best 5 Cloud Hosting Option To Enhance Your Business Productivity 

Imagine how convenient it would be to have mobile access to all of your company’s critical data and files. All this became possible by cloud computing technology and the top cloud services that it offers. We know that small businesses nowadays require on-the-go access to data with no storage or hardware maintenance fees. This is why there is a continuous search for the best cloud hosting in the market.

In this technical age, cloud services are crucial for any business. However, the requirement and usability of cloud services vary greatly between large and small firms. As a result, it is critical for both small and large enterprises to select the right cloud services.

Back in old days, we used to keep all of our crucial files and data on hard drives. There were no smartphones or cloud services. We used to perform all such things by using a USB port. However, with the growing demand for cloud services, we now have a variety of options for storing files, records, databases, and servers. But how can you pick the best cloud hosting for your business to achieve success and productivity? 

We will inform you about the best cloud hostings for all businesses. But to make the best decision for your company’s profit, you first need to know what cloud hosting is. 

Some More Details About Cloud Hosting

Some More Details About best Cloud Hosting

Gone are the days, when cloud solutions benefit large companies only. Now the cloud technology is similarly suitable for small as well as medium-sized businesses. It boosts the productivity of the company saving both time and money. Cloud hosting enhances team productivity, offering opportunities for promoting creative ideas. 

We can protect all our data safely without storing it in any personal storage drives. The cloud services are not only cost-effective but also save time and offer users essential features. 

On top of it, you can get full accessibility of all records, files, data transfer any more things from anywhere you want. Now, you do not have to carry your system to complete your task. Just open your device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and continue your work efficiently.

This smoothens the real-time collaboration process among team members and enhances productivity. Now you and your entire team can work on similar files without any trouble.

In easy words, a cloud service is a digital service through which users get dedicated fixed storage to keep their company files in a safe place. It enables users to access the data on a remote server conveniently.

For small/medium businesses, there are various types of best cloud hosting services that include:

  • Software as a Services (SaaS)
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud hosting

The top cloud services for both small and medium businesses can handle numerous essential company tasks that include web hosting and file storage.

Here is Why Businesses Need Best Cloud Services ?

Here is Why Businesses Need Best Cloud Hosting?

So, let’s go through some crucial reasons why businesses need the services of the best cloud hostings.

  • Improve in flexibility.
  • Ease of accessibility as users can move and share data from anywhere.
  • Increase in privacy, data security, and control.
  • Cost-effective service. 
  • Consistency while managing a distant team and facility.
  • Economical upfront investment.
  • Option of easy data backup.
  • Business process automation.
  • Be updated with the newest technology.
  • Simultaneous team collaboration. 

5 Best Cloud Hosting Option To Enhance Your Business Productivity 

When you choose a reliable and best Cloud hosting for your business, then it gives you many benefits such as cut down on workload, no extra employees to install and update apps, handle emails, files, maintaining backups, and many more.

The best part is that the cloud hosting providers update their applications regularly, therefore, saving your time. Now, let’s end your search for the five best cloud hosting providers mentioned below.

Google Drive

Google Drive

It is almost impossible for you to not have heard this name. This is one of the best cloud hosting services that people use. Google Drive can be used for free and has the ability to become a strong backbone for businesses. 

It has rich-featured cloud-based, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, drawing tools, forms making it the best choice for all sized companies. This comprehensive online drive allows you to access anything from any location. It means you carry your files with you wherever you go.

This is users’ favorite place to store, share documents, files, photos, recordings, important videos, and whatnot. You just require to log in to your google account and after that, you can conveniently access your data from any device of your choice.

Moreover, you can share any files by sending an invite link that helps you collaborate with your team better. Working and sharing your files with numerous people in real-time has never been so convenient and faster.

Key Highlights
  • Best cloud hosting that offers a simple interface.
  • Great compatibility with Microsoft Office.
  • Users can store any documents, type of files, PDF, videos, documents, presentations, etc.
  • Custom link so that users can do easy file sharing.
  • Compatibility with multiple apps and templates.
  • Files are heavily protected and secured with SSL standard.
  • Quick connectivity with any device of your choice.

Note: According to Google, if users want to extend their storage for cloud services then they have to choose their Google drive premium plan.


Dropbox (best cloud hosting)

This is the second most famous and best cloud hosting service used for sharing files and data in the cloud easily. This is an ideal platform for handling, storing, and retrieving your files with easy accessibility from anywhere and anytime.

It offers a unique option to its users where they can share their data with those users who do not use Dropbox. Once an individual signs up with Dropbox, he/she gets 2 GB storage automatically for free. It is simple to work on it, as you just need to connect the system to your Internet and start using all tools of Dropbox.

It is an ideal cloud hosting platform to store and retrieve all your crucial files and data. So, even if you lose your data, you can easily back up all and get back everything. Dropbox ensures full security of your files and data as it encrypts them during moving in out from the cloud.

Working from your tablet or mobile is simpler than ever, as you not only can access data but also work on them from any location and anytime. Does not matter if your internet pack is over, you can access all folders and files that you have ticked to sync offline automatically.

This best cloud hosting makes collaboration with your team easier than ever, as it allows Dropbox collaborators to simultaneously work on shared data. Additionally, you can easily backup the files in a hassle-free way. Just drag and drop your document in the folder of Dropbox on any location.

Also, if some files got removed mistakenly then unlike other cloud hosting services, this best cloud hosting retrieves your lost file with one click only.

Key Highlights
  • A secured platform for retrieving information.
  • Best cloud hosting to save money as it is free.
  • You can work even without a stable internet connection.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Simple backup and restoration of files anytime.
  • Great mobility to help users access files from any device and anywhere.
  • Share files easily to team up and work on the same file.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

The moment you free sign up for Microsoft Azure you can run virtual applications and desktops with its backup system and storage in the cloud. Additionally, this cloud computing platform offers companies numerous built-in migration features and tools. This directly implies that your company can migrate Remote Desktop Services and Windows servers to several other devices.

This best cloud hosting can easily manage and integrate into your environments ad it is compatible with various platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows phone apps, and with their web services. Microsoft Azure is ideal for all businesses regardless of their sizes. Furthermore, its customer support can be accessed online, through knowledge-related documentation, and tutorials.

You can have scalability, analytics, and security, even during your company’s growth. Not to mention its data backup facility and multi-layer security that users get from the first day. It is a solid cloud hosting service for all business models.

Key Highlights
  • Best cloud hosting tools for enterprise-grade development.
  • Scalability as per your demand.
  • Top-notch cyber security.
  • Affordable subscription models.
  • Does not require any on-site hardware.
  • Advances compliance features.



IDrive has around 5 TB storage for cloud backup that is at an amazing price of only $13.90 for a year. It is a great backup service that benefits small businesses in many ways. You can launch the app by clicking on the notification area of IDrive to open its settings and handle backup schedules.

The plus point is that your data remains encrypted during the transmission and rest until you retrieve it from your client. To backup up any file, this best cloud hosting allows you to choose documents and files from user folders such as music, pictures, documents, and many more. To retrieve the backup file, you just have to choose the actual backup device to move data to the PC directly.

Its settings give users an option to restore the files in a folder using the checkboxes. It is a great option for individual devices, syncing, and sharing preferences. Additionally, users can easily migrate the files through email by just signing for a new IDrive account.

IDrive also has a mobile app that enables users to backup anything from their smartphones giving users more accessibility.

Key Highlights
  • Unlimited devices per account.
  • Setup functionality is easy to use. 
  • Syncing of Folders.
  • Disk image backup.
  • Easy data retrieving via email.
  • Download as well as upload bulk backup files.
  • Fast upload speeds.



For users working on multiple systems and need to backup all data in one place, SpiderOak can be your on-the-go choice as it enables convenient backup from unlimited systems. This is the best cloud hosting option for those who want tight data security as SpiderOak offers military-grade security. Now users can stay assured about their files being secured due to its zero-knowledge policy and high-end encryption. Since the data is stored in SpiderOak’s in-house server, therefore, the data of the users is not even accessible to the company. Only a limited number of authorized operators have access to the server.

All your data on SpiderOak get automatically backed up via desktop apps. You can use either 2 GB or free storage or choose any of its cost-effective plans. SpiderOak has a backup of two-level namely- basic and advanced level. Those users who are searching for extra control over how their files and data are backed up can choose an advanced-level backup.

Another useful feature that this incredible cloud hosting service offers is the option of “De-duplication”. It means that your system will identify any duplicate file automatically on the desktop. After identifying it, SpiderOak is not going to back it up anymore while syncing it with your system. This will prevent creating an identical file again.

Privacy and security are the high selling point as it protects the sensitive information of the users. However, one drawback is that it contains only a desktop app. Since the web app is lacking here but its mobile app can be used on both iOS and Android.

Key Highlights
  • Secured encryption of the files that are backed up.
  • Convenient file transfer and archiving.
  • Both server-side and local encryption.
  • Free 2GB storage.
  • Easy collaboration of multiple members via folder sharing.
  • Stores unlimited discarded files.
  • Best cloud hosting Android and iOS apps.

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Final Words!!

Always remember that when you select the best cloud hosting, it is no longer essential to store software installations, backup files, and data on your server. Most importantly, all the updates are done automatically by your hosting providers which saves you your precious time and cost.

While picking the best cloud hosting service, try to assess the suitability and address all setbacks by analyzing your company’s requirements. 

We have picked the 5 best cloud hosting services that offer different tools, features, and functionalities. Out of the 5, some are cheaper with adequate features, whereas some are features rich and more user-friendly. So, now you will assess beforehand what you actually need from your cloud hosting provider. And on that basis, you can easily pick the best one for your small business.

What is the best cloud solution for your needs? We would be delighted to hear about your pick below in the comment section.