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What is the Difference Between Cloud Hosting and VPS?

Looking for Cloud Hosting Vs VPS hosting servers? While creating a website, there are different decisions that you need to make. It can vary from a basic decision to choose the color or if you want to keep it static or responsive. Now, after making the website, the very first thing that you will have to do is to choose the web hosting plan. You are going to get a lot of hosting plans to choose from and different companies provide their plans.

To help you out with the process, we have narrowed it down to Cloud Hosting & VPS hosting. If you are not aware of what this is, the article will help you. Here’s a detailed Cloud Hosting Vs VPS comparison so that you can choose the best for your website.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS

Cloud Hosting and VPS: Introduction

Brief About VPS Hosting

VPS hosting means Virtual Private Server hosting. In this type of hosting, one server is divided into different individual servers. Though all the small servers are part of one server, they behave as different and dedicated servers. Because they are dedicated servers, you will have a separate set of resources and you can modify them according to your requirements. Other than this, there will be no file sharing between different accounts on the server.

But, most importantly, there is one disadvantage of this type of hosting. Being a part of the same server, if any one server fails, all the others in the network will fail. Also, sometimes there are chances that if one server is using a lot of resources, it can affect the performance of other servers also.

VPS Hosting

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • You get total independence with VPS hosting. You can manage the resources or the server according to your requirements.
  • Also, it is one of the effective hostings. It does not work according to the traffic or crowd.
  • Other than this, it is safe to use and all your files will not be available to other clients no matter what privileges they have for the server.

Brief About Cloud Hosting

When it comes to cloud hosting, it is the hosting solution that you are going to find in recent times. The websites hosted on the cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It simply means that all the resources will be present on all the servers present in the cloud.

For instance, if one server is already full of queries, your request will be transferred to the other server. On the cloud, you will get all the services like FTP, SSH, email services, and a lot more. Because of this equal resource allocation, the reliability of the server increases. One of the major things is that if there is an issue with one of the machines, it will not affect the performance of other machines.

what is cloud hosting: Cloud Server

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

  • It is a secure method to host your website as you are going to host it virtually. Other than this, if any of the physical servers fails, it will allocate the resources without showing any effect on your website.
  • Next, it is secured with the help of different physical servers so that you can access the premises, and also, you can save your website from any third-party application.
  • Also, it is flexible. It is also scalable and you can scale it according to your requirements.
  • Lastly, when it comes to cloud hosting, you are going to pay for the services that you use.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS

Well only knowing what each hosting provides you is not enough to choose the best for your website. In this section, we have chosen five categories that can help you to do decide which one you wish to choose.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Performance

Cloud Hosting VS VPS: Price

The very first category on the cloud hosting vs VPS comparison is performance. It is one of the major factors that can help you decide. You may want your website to be available online every time so that people can find it and also, it should load faster.

Usually, when we talk about VPS, the performance is quite high. Now, that you have different resources for your website, the performance of your website is not affected by other websites on the system.

But, there are still some chances that there can be high traffic on one of the websites and the unusual allocation of resources is needed to be done. In this situation, the performance of your website can be affected. This is a very unlikely scenario but can happen.

Moreover, when it comes to cloud hosting, the websites are divided between a lot of servers. So, there is no chance that if one server fails, the performance of your website is affected.

When it comes to comparing Cloud Hosting vs VPS, the cloud can be considered as a winner. This is because, in VPS, there are still some chances of failure but in the cloud, there are none.

Cloud Hosting VS VPS: Price

Cloud Hosting VS VPS: Price

Now, the next factor that we have considered is Price. There is no winner in this category. Both the services offer different features and performance to the users and charge according to that. But, surely, it is going to charge you less than the dedicated server. Other than this, no matter which service provider you are using, the price of both types of hosting will fall mid-price.

But when it comes to deciding which cost more, cloud hosting or VPS, you need to compare the features that they are providing. For some websites, you may see that cloud hosting is cheaper as compared to the VPS cloud and vice versa. So, deciding based on the price can be a difficult task.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Customization Allowed

Now, if you are aware of what you need from your website, you need to have an option for customization. Most of the owners like to have this option while hosting the website so that they can be sure of the tools and features that they can use.

Talking about VPS, it is highly customizable. In the virtual private server, you will have an access to the root of the server and also, you can control the operating system and the server software. But, there are still some limitations that you need to keep in mind because of the configuration of the physical server.

However, when it comes to cloud hosting, you will get some decent options for customizations.  But, the customization options that you will get are limited to a certain extent. To customize the website according to your need, you may need to have some technical knowledge.

So, when comparing the two, VPS is better in providing customization options. For better customization than the VPS, you can switch to the dedicated server. So, if you think that customization is what you need, you can go for VPS.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Scalability

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Scalability

So, some websites have consistent needs every month but some other websites may encounter fluctuations on different seasons, occasions, and more. For example, if you have an eCommerce website, there is much more traffic in the sale time than the usual days. So, you need your website to be more scalable at the sales times rather than usual days. Therefore, it makes scalability a major concern while comparing cloud hosting vs VPS.

To start with, VPS may not be a scalable option. You are still going to get some resources and they will be available for you till you are having usual traffic. In case there is more than usual traffic, the VPS hosting may not prove to be much scalable.

Now, when it comes to cloud hosting, you are going to get great scalability. You will have different networks and servers so that when there is usually traffic, you can scale the website quickly. Also, the uptime is quite high in cloud server than in the VPS cloud server.

So, this is evident that the cloud host is the winner in this field. If scalability matters to you, you must go for a cloud server.

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Security

Cloud Hosting Vs VPS: Security

Now, the last point on which we are going to decide if cloud server is better or cloud VPS is Security. Keeping the website secure from third-party attacks is the priority for everyone.

Talking about the VPS cloud server, you need to know that it is one of the secure options available. It may not be as secure as dedicated hosting but it is for sure safer than shared hosting. All the servers behave as individuals besides the fact that they are operated on the same server.

Also, the cloud server is a secure option. Your website is present on the internet or the cloud makes it a bit vulnerable to attacks.

To choose between the two, VPS is a safer option to use. But, it depends upon the service provider and security that you are going to choose.

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Cloud Hosting VS VPS: In A Nutshell

So, these were some of the basic differences in comparing cloud hosting vs VPS. One of the major differences that you will come across is scalability. If you want your website to be more scalable, you must choose cloud hosting otherwise VPS can be suitable.

VPS hosting is a good option for people who are launching their first website or do not want to use shared hosting. Other than this, it can provide you with better performance and a stable server.

Other than this, when it comes to cloud hosting, you will get a good number of servers and resources so that you can scale the website when you need it to be. With the help of cloud hosting, you will get better flexibility for pricing and the resources that you can use.