Quicken Hosting

Quicken software is used to manage personal finances as well as to conduct business with consumers. It can be linked to a variety of internet accounts. It provides you with an optimal financial experience with easy navigation and customization possibilities. It’s also quite cost-effective, making it more accessible. It’s a godsend for small enterprises that are just getting started and want to grow and thrive. Quicken hosting extends its potential by providing a work environment free of technological concerns, which can waste a significant amount of time. Today, we will go through all these concepts but our primary focus will be on Quicken Hosting.  

Advantages of Selecting Quicken Software

  • Both Windows & Mac compatibility.
  • User-friendly tools.
  • Create in-depth & detailed reports with the use of a variety of tools.
  • Availability of many versions as per the industry standards. 
  • Custom invoices with your color, logo and more.

Why Quicken Hosting?

Why Quicken Hosting?

Quicken hosting allows you to access the Quicken accounting software at any time and from any location. It also provides all necessary technical help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are backup alternatives available to keep your data safe and accessible. 

Even in an emergency, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your critical data because we take the necessary precautions to back up and secure any personal and work-related data. As a result, even in the worst-case scenarios, there is no reason to panic or be concerned. Moreover, you can also opt for Quicken free trial services in the cloud. 

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Benefits of Quicken Hosting

Benefits of Quicken Hosting

Multiple User Access 

Anyone on your team who you want to have access to the application can do so if they have their own server credentials or shared credentials with access restrictions. This means there will be no issues with respect to time or location limits.

Ease Of Access

Quicken in the Cloud hosting ensures that you have constant access to your financial data and functionality, no matter where you are. As long as you have internet access, you can be anywhere and still have access to your data.

Instant Connectivity 

Our hosting services provide immediate access to all users with no time lag. Users just log onto their distant servers using the access credentials provided, and this always-on channel offers rapid and continuous connectivity, as well as fast server speeds, enabling seamless management of all activities.

No Technical Problems 

We ensure that any technological issues are resolved and that no time is wasted. Our team of technical professionals has the necessary expertise and experience to effectively monitor and resolve customer issues.

Top-Level Security 

Quicken hosting adheres to the highest security standards. When it comes to security, we do not tolerate any compromises. Physical and virtual security procedures included in the continually monitored channel keep any threat out of the wall of safety.

Remote Access  

Quicken hosting does not necessitate your presence in your office to do the task. Because of the remote access capability, you may be on the road and yet have the freedom to not worry about the internet. Simply log in from anywhere and pick up where you left off.

Editions of the Software To Host

The different types of versions of the Quicken software that can be hosted are:

Editions Hosted Versions Supported & Hosted
Quicken Hosting Deluxe Year 2015, 2014, Year 2013, Year 2012, Year 2011, 2010, Year 2009, Year 2008, Year 2007, 2006, Year 2005
Quicken Premier Year 2015, 2014, Year 2013, Year 2012, Year 2011, 2010, Year 2009, Year 2008, Year 2007, 2006, Year 2005
Quicken Home and Business Year 2015, 2014, Year 2013, Year 2012, Year 2011, 2010, Year 2009, Year 2008, Year 2007, 2006, Year 2005
Quicken Rental Property Manager Year 2015, 2014, Year 2013, Year 2012, Year 2011, 2010, Year 2009, Year 2008, Year 2007, 2006, Year 2005

Add-ons You Can Host

The Quicken add-ons include:

Quicken Hosting

  • Quicken Tax & Bill Pay
  • Quicken Home Inventory Manager
  • Quicken Will Maker
  • Quicken Medical Expense Manager
  • Credit Score with Experian
  • Quicken Checks & Supplies
  • Quicken Online Backup
  • Quicken Health Expense Tracker
  • Complete Online Bill Pay with Pay Trust

What Do You Get??

With Quicken Cloud Hosting services , you get:

What Do You Get??


You get a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) programme to ensure Quicken data all-time availability.


You will get a backup of all your data for 45 days & you can recover the data anytime you want.

99.9% Uptime

You are guaranteed a 99.999% uptime for all the apps hosting. This means you can easily access Quicken without any hindrance.

Tailor-made Solutions

The Quicken cloud hosting service is tailored for your specific needs coming in the near future. 

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Ending Thoughts!!

This post is a comprehensive handbook for everyone looking to read about Quicken Hosting, its benefits and versions. We hope you are complacent with our content. For any further QuickBooks remote hosting related queries, you can always ping us and we will be at your services.